How can I get a guy I really like to ask me out?

I am 5' 6"(ish), very athletic, and caring in many ways! I play(ed) lots of sports mainly the coed ones such as, swimming, soccer, basketball, base/softball (not any more), cheer leading (when I was 7), dancing (when I was 3?), and track and field (throwing with some running)! I will basically do anything to help a guy out with homework or if he needs anything like I will buy him little gifts just to let him know I was thinking about him! Although I just started get a little bit girlie girl this year and some last year, too. My best friend in school (really like/ been friends since 7th grade), I do basically anything for him! We always sat a lunch together; now we don't for some reason (P.S. he has a girlfriend, but he doesn't sit with her at lunch and I don't know who she is)! On a regular basics, he would take me home without questioning but now it seems as if he takes the girl home that he used to hate but is giving her a 3rd chance! Although, in English class he moved his seat next to me :) and in Physics he always wants me to sit by him! Another thing is he plans on coming to all my swim meets like last year if he doesn't get forced to work! He only has one guy friend in school with mostly he has girl that are friends! I am mainly (always) a tomboy! The thing is I wish we could hang more, but I don't know how? His family, as he puts it, loves me and always talks about me containing information about how we will get married also how cute I am (as of what I heard last year)! As much as I hear his family talk about me, I never talked to them face to face, while all I have done was waved with a big smile at them! My family loves him, too, similar to the being of every time we text my family automatically know it's him and they tease us as being a couple! Both of our families, they both talk about how we will marry some day and talk about how cute we are together! Yet starting of this beginning of the school year, every once and a while he texts me and at the start of our conversation he ends the text message with a smiley face! :) P.S.S. his birthday is coming up (any ideas on what I should get him)? How can this work; 1. him to ask me out 2. spend more time together 3. (if you want... I would feel great appreciated of you) ideas on what I should get him for his b-day (he wants to be a pilot when he grows up) 4. how to seat together more... At lunch (even if most of the girls hate me at that table)? Please help


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  • He has a girlfriend. Respect that. All you need to know.

    • I do respect him!

    • if you're trying to steal him away from his girlfriend you're not. you need to learn to treat people taken as being off limits.

    • I am not trying to steal him away from his girlfriend... Honestly! I just wait patiently and wait for him to call me over! Like during Physics, he always calls me over and it seems like he is flirting with me a bit and he always tells me what to do like every day he tells me to sit right next to sometimes he tells me to get closer while another he wanted me to practically sit on top of him, but I didn't know how to respond!

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  • Ask him to sit with you at lunch. Get him baseball tickets.

    • He not really what you call a sports guy! Although this is negative, but why would he want to sit with me at lunch; I sit with the nerd dorks (they are annoying)! But in every class we have together he talks to the teacher and gets them to agree for us to sit together!

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    Moving on.

    1. He probably has no idea you like him and probably sees you as like a sibling/best friend

    2. Just because he doesn't sit by his girlfriend at lunch doesn't mean he doesn't like her, she could go to a different school for all you know

    3. You are building this up in your head when really all it is is a schoolgirl crush

    4. HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! HE'S TAKEN! LEAVE THE POOR BOY ALONE! Would you like it if some girl was head over heels for your boyfriend? No. Respect him, respect her, and respect their relationship.

    • Time to time, he does see me as a sibling! We are best friends for a good long time; he's the only one who really pays attention to me! I always respect him... We never argued because like I said I let him have his opinion and let him think the ways he wants to which is RESPECTING him!

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