He's perfect, but...

I met this guy and he asked me out. So far, he has been everything I am looking for in a relationship. he's intelligent, he's funny, he likes the things I like, he's very good looking. There are just two problems. One, he doesn't speak English well, so I don't really know if he understands everything I'm saying.

The other problem is the major problem. It's our age. I'm 27 and he's 18. I don't know how to tell him without ruining the friendship (Which I really enjoy) that he is far too young for me.

The only date we've been on was a lunch date, which we went dutch on (I insisted), so not much has been invested. I want to nip this in the bud before too much is invested.

How do you recommend I do this?


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  • Be upfront and honest. Just tell him

    • It's not that easy considering he doesn't speak English.

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    • The problem isn't that he doens't speak English. Its that he doesn't speak English well. If I tell him I am not interested in him for a boyfriend, he may think I don't even want him as a friend.

      If he were 21 even, I'd jump at the chance to date him...

    • Just keep on saying friend friend you want to be friends but no mas no more no lover no more. If you can't figure out how to tell him that then just forget it

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