Is it abnormal to be out of college for two years and to not have been on a date since?

I never go out on weekend nights because I don't have any friends in town. I didn't go to my local hs. So when I do go out occasionally, it's with my older sister & her friends. Hence I haven't been on a date in 2 years...I will be 25 in December. Is this really bad? I can't do online dating. It's just not for me.

Will going back to Facebook help at all?


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  • NO not bad you where just busy with your life.Take me for example.I am currently trying for college.Long story why I am not in yet.But I haven't been on a date in like three years.It isn't abnormal at all you have just been busy with your life.


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  • Sure Facebook can help here is mine link if you are going to joing Facebook again look me up lol


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