Is he trying to let me down lightly?

I met this guy online over a week ago. We walked along the pier on Sunday for our first date. It went really well, we kissed and made plans for the following Friday. We texted every day and decided that Friday was too long to wait and met up again on Wednesday. We watched a movie at my place and hit it off really well again. Since Wednesday, we have talked every day, usually with him initiating contact. Today, Saturday, I playfully asked him if I would ever see him again. To which he responded, "yeah for sure I'm not sure when though because of scheduling conflicts but we'll work something out". Is he trying to let me down lightly? Also, I should mention that we are both in our first year of university and live at opposite ends of the city (almost an hour apart).


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  • Let you down lightly? It seemed like you two hit it off great. As of now, I don't think he's going to leave you. He hasn't shown any signs of him that he wants out or that he lost interest. Let's see here: You guys had two dates already. You guys kissed on the first date. You text each other every day. The second date, you both couldn't wait to see each other so you pushed it to an even closer date. And you both watched a movie at your place. He's just busy. Take his word for it. We're guys, we say stuff face-value (most of the times at least).

    So to put it short and simple: Don't worry too much. You're good.

    • Thanks so much. You settled my nerves a bit with this answer. I hope you are right!

    • You're very welcome. Thank you for Best Answer. And I hope I'm right too. I wish you two the best. It takes two to make a relationship, not one.

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  • he could just be busy, hard to tell. have to see what happens in the next couple days

  • yeah I agree with mrlnquisitive I think that he might be busy


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