How do I tell someone who is telling other people that we are dating that we are not and most likely never will?

This girl I know has been flirting with me for a long time and she is now telling other people that we are dating. We are not dating and it is getting hard to ignore her and Morgan, who is my girlfriend. How do I tell her we are not dating and that I already have a girlfriend without hurting her feelings.


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  • First off, you don't use the words "Most likely." That tells her that you're interested and she needs to make you MORE interested. It tells her she has a chance. You have a girlfriend; she has no chance.

    You cannot avoid hurting her feelings. She needs a wakeup call, because what she is doing is disrespectful to you and your girlfriend, not to mention hurtful toward your girlfriend. You need to tell her straight up. "We are not dating and we never will be. STOP telling people that." Don't call her names or anything to be cruel, but don't be afraid of hurting her feelings. BE FIRM. If she doesn't stop, you have to stop talking to her and seeing her.


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  • That's that sh*t I don't like. Just pull her aside and confront her. Tell her, "look we are not dating, why are you telling people we're together?" She's out of line and needs to be corrected. If anyone brings you back that "Jane" told me you guys were dating, tell them Jane is spreading lies and you have a girlfriend named Morgan.

    • Does "Jane" know about Morgan? If so, I wouldn't even advocate saying, "Why are you telling people that?" IF she knows about Morgan, her actions are nefarious.

    • Yes she does in fact know about Morgan and I have asked her nicely to stop but she never does.

  • You just explain the situation to her. She's gonna be hurt either way but you don't want this coming between you and your girlfriend. Don't be mean about it, just be calm and as nice as possible.


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