Can a guy say to his female friend he wants to date as a joke and she is pretty?

my old friend once to;d me he loves me and we just been friends lees then a year and he always annoyed me a but being ugly and he once went on his knee so I can forgive him and that was a week after knowing him and I was wrong not him and a year later he sad he wants to date me and then when I gotte annoyed he sad he was just joking and a month or tow he sad I'm pretty what does that mean


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What Guys Said 1

  • Unless he is a comeplete idiot, no. That's about as big a hint as you're getting. He said he wants to date you, and you got really pissy and mad at him, so he said I'm sorry, lets be friends I guess, and you're asking what he means..

    • 100% this.

    • its not my fault he can be mean and I'm the only girl he won't help in the whole college

What Girls Said 1

  • i don't understand this run on paragraph.

    • its a bout a female friend wants to understand here male friend and why he is acting so strange

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