Did what I did upset him?

So I've been dating this guy for a little bit and he didn't think we were dating anymore because of this one day he pushed too much for sex and I said that I still like him and he said he did too but wanted to see how things go in time. So I'm thinking he doesn't want to say that his done with me because of the sex thing which is fine with me. At work today I tried to cheer him up and I sorta did but anyway there was this kid that I sat (I'm a hostess) and he was sitting there alone waiting for his friends for 2 hours. The other hostess and I joked that one of us should keep him company. Well I happened to get off early and decided that I'd go sit with him until his friends came. The conversation flowed nicely and he's pretty cool but the guy I was dating's best friend was this kids server and he made some pretty crude comments to me and the guy I was dating walked by a few times and I smiled at him and he smiled back. When I was leaving he didn't hug me like he usually does, he high fived me. I was talking to his other best friend and he said that he is timid with his feelings and he actually does like me. So did I just totally upset him and not even realize it? And by the way I wasn't flirting with the kid at the table at all.


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  • if it did, who cares. if a guy can't acept the fact that you wanna stay a vrgn, then you shouldn't waste your time on someone like that, you matter too. and you don't have to do what he wants if its not something you both agree to, same goes for him...


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