Are you quick to correct them or do you not say anything?

If you are sleeping with someone but not dating and have no intentions to date and someone you know sees you out together not even holding hands or anything that looks like you are more than friends and makes a comment as if you are dating do you...
  • Correct them saying you are just friends. why?
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  • Just go along with it and let them think you are dating. why?
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  • Other. please explain
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If we were only sleeping together then I don't really owe him an explanation. If he asks, I'll tell him but other than that I wouldn't bring it up

    • I mean like if someone else you know comments about you two dating when your not

    • Oh, well if I'm not dating the guy then I'll just say "we're just friends". I don't like people to have claims on me if we're not official so I wouldn't want people to think I'm dating someone I'm not

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  • I would correct them because well we're not dating. Also I think it would be misleading to the guy especially if I had no interest in dating them, because it could give him the wrong idea and think we are something we are not. Plain and simple it could lead to a lot of miss communications.

  • If we are not dating & I have no intentions to get serious with that person, then I see no need to lie about it


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