Has he lost interest? Guys what going on with this??

This guy got someone at college to ask me out for him. I said I didn't know but then we ended up swapping numbers a few week after. He text me the next day and we chatted on day here and there, maybe once a week for 2 month or so. Anyway he has text me one afternoon and I thought id text him back but the message failed and I didn't even realize. So anyway 2 weeks past and I text him to explain and he said it was fine and that he just thought I had pissed him off. anyway after that he text me non stop every day for a week, he initiated it every day, and every night said "speak tomorrow". anyway after one week of doing this he's now stopped and we only text every now and again, I have initiated it on the last 3 times. what's going on? He hasn't asked me out again. Has he lost interest?


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  • Ask him...

    • no becasue I don't want to come across as clingy

    • But then you won't know his mind. Sigh. Darned Catch 22.

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  • I think the timing went bad and I would say that it won't work out so well. Just move on and forget him.

    • why did the timing go bad?

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    • But after I got back in touch with him after forgetting to send the text that's when he text me every day for a week?

    • That would seem odd but there is a rhythm to things and it sounds like it was way off from that point

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  • Just make sure he knows you would like to go out with him.

    He's probably not sure about how you feel, plus it seems like you've never initiated anything ...