He Blew A Kiss To Me?

Lol okay there is this guy, Donnie. He has a crush on me and we have been texting each other lately and saying hi whenever we see each other etc. I went to his birthday party also and gave hem two shirts and he thanked me and hugged me like 4times that night before I left lol... but then one day I was about to leave school with my friend and he saw me and he usually just smile and waves but this time he blew me a kiss! Lol, it was so cute of course and took a lot of guts, so I blew one back. Well what does that mean? Lol he's 17 and so am I. He has never had a girlfriend and I have never had a boyfriend, I thought it was a little dorky but totally cute. Does that mean that he must really like me or what? People always tell me yeah Donnie really likes you blah blah and my sister works with his brother and (they are older than us around 30) and his brother tells my sister that his brother (Donnie) really likes me a lot. I don't know, I just posted another question earlier but it was about texting. It was about him also. So what are your thoughts about all this please? Thanks!


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  • Ok, I'm new here but I'll give it a shot

    Do you like him back? If so then Talk to him about it. If you go somewhere that you can be alone and just talk about it. See what you both want.

    You have to admit that older brothers and sisters like to exadurate (spall fail proberbly lol) so you may want to get the word from the horses mouth.

    Hope I've helped?


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