To leave or not to leave, that is the question.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for around 3 months now, but have been talking for a while before that. I go to school out of state, and he is going off for navy seal training at the end of the year. Things were going great in the beginning, I could be myself, we could talk about anything, and my parents love him and his parents love me. But recently a few things have caught my attention. He was playing with my phone one day, just innocent "im gonna change your Facebook status" kind of stuff. so then I went to grab his phone, again all in good fun; but he panicked and grabbed the phone out of my hand. but that was after I had seen the "new messages waiting for you" email pop up from a singles dating site... I pretended I didn't see anything, even though I could literally feel my heart sink to my butt. I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together, every time we hang out his phone is blowing up, he always turns it away from me so I can't see. and if we are cuddling on the couch he will move to answer a text. weird... I know. I gave him the benefit of the doubt saying maybe he's looking for new friends, But I did something I shouldn't have, I made a fake profile to see what was going on. I posed as a random girl, and he told me that he was looking for a serious relationship. I said back that I thought I was in a relationship with a guy, but he might be fooling around and that I don't know what to do. and he himself said I hate when guys treat girls like that, I would love to take you out and show you how a real man treats a lady... at this point its clear what he's doing. he even gave this "stranger" his number and said text me anytime you want we can hang out. But even though I know what he's up to I don't know how to approach him about it, because I shouldn't have been snooping. I've been down this road before, the first guy I slept with was talking to 9 other girls on campus and I called him out on it. but this guy I really fell hard for, he's pretty much everything I wanted in a guy. He says he loves me and I really do believe he does, I know I deserve better than how he's treating me but I don't know, if I leave I'm petrified that he will just get the next girl and go, that will hurt me more knowing that he had no feelings for me. So final question... do I call him out on it and leave him behind? or do I just let it go and keep going with a good thing? help please :(


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  • Clearly he is gonna leave you in the near future. You might as well break it off now.

    • but do I just break it off with no explanation? or do I tell him what I did

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