He says I drive him crazy. How can I stop?

I love my boyfriend with all of my heart but we are long distance and live an hour and half away from each other and its sometimes difficult to see each other when we want to. He has gotten upset with me with certain things I say and its usually in text messages.Its usually every month and its the same thing of something gets misinterpreted in my text messages but he says I make comments before when we are together. Our last fight was a week ago because I made a statement that sounded like he was lying to me about his schedule which wasn't my intent in the text message. He said its probably because I don't trust him and I absolutely 100% do and he said why do I give him such a hard time. He said things need to change and I am not sure how. I wanna see him when I have the opportunity to but I am fearful that I just won't get to. I don't know what to do to change but all I can think of is give him his space and he might feel smothered. He says he sees a future with me and wants to marry me but I drive him crazy. What are some suggestions? Should I just give him some space? I really don't know what to do without making things worse and then losing him for good.


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  • If this is happening stop texting and start talking on the phone, cell, Skype, some way you can actually know the meaning on what you want to say.

    Texting, comments, emails, personal messages most of the time can get misinterpreted because you can't actually see or hear a person's reaction.

    So the next time you want to know about him, give him a call talk, texting is misleading your relationship and you need to change your way of communication.


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