How long does a girl play hard to get?

I've been interested in a particular girl for about a week. We've been texting back and forth, and I've told her that I'd like to meet up again. She agreed, opened up her weekend for meeting me, then changes plans. I'm also getting mixed signals.

I texted her the next day while she is at work, then she texted me as soon as she got out of work. She said "Just got out of work". She continues to be very polite, asked me how my day was, and it's just chit chat after that. Then she abruptly stops texting.

I texted a few hours later and asked if she wants to grab a bite to eat. She said that she was out with her lady friends eating pizza.

I asked "Okay, so another day?"

She replied, "Persistence, I'll text you."

I don't mind a little hard to get game, but she is sending a lot of mixed signals. And, I'm limited to text right now.

Is she playing hard to get? Testing to see my level of interest? Playing games? Not interested?

I feel that I maybe said something early on in the texting that she took the wrong way.

I thought about sending a text saying "Hey. Sorry if I said something that you were offended by. Text can prove to cause confusion sometimes. I'm interested in meeting up again, and if you're interested too than that's great. If you're not, just let me know."

As I said, I don't mind a little hard to get game. And I can be persistent in the right ways. But at this point, should I truly continue to chase and get a straight answer?

Am I being too persistent, and is she playing too hard to get?

I'm genuine in my interest and relationship minded. Just had to add this in.


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  • Well it depends I know from a womans view once us woman start giving interest its like you men turn the table and turn away id do the same if he continues then you know he's serious but if he gives up aftter one night date night that wasn't confirmed he's not seripus enough but therevis a period where you can get the hint when we aren't interested there's always a lot of emotions with woman too so try to understand too but id say continue on it for 6 months to show your serious enough but give her a little space too though to do her own thing most woman will open up to what's going on in there life so just listen anyways hope it helps

    • Is there anything I can do to get a straight answer on her interest level?

      Can I text her, just ask if something happened? Maybe ask if I said something wrong ?

      She works around the corner, and though it sounds desperate, I thought about sending her a little daisy or gerbera. Something to just show little bit of my sensitive side, maybe get her to smile a little, and hopefully have her spell out what she thinking.

      I'm thinking that at that point, she'd really have to give a straight answer.

    • Any gifts from a guy are a great way to mAke a woman smile it doesn't take a lot to make us happy

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  • If that's the only contact you had with her, then you're nowhere near being too persistent. Try another couple of times, but if you get the same result then just move on. There's no point in chasing girls that play hard to get like this, because they're doing it wrong.

    Unfortunately girls think that playing hard to get is the way to go, but if she doesn't give me the opportunity to get to know her, then how can I be so sure I want her? In that case I stop wasting my time on her games, and continue looking for a girl that doesn't play games.

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