Where To Take A Girl To On The First Date?

hey guys,

i have never dated before , but I was interested in this one girl. and wanted to ask her out but I'm not to sure to where to take her. Is a outdoor movie cool or a simple coffee cafe. Also am very clueless to what to talk about and how carry on a conversation. I live in Mississauga Ontario Canada. any ideas. I really don't want to blow this off. and how long should the date last. is walking through a park cool. am so lost. lol

thanks for the help.


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  • All the things you suggested would be fun first dates. If you don't know each other well; i.e., if you aren't already friends, then try to do something stimulating that will automatically open up conversation. If you see a movie, you can talk about how hilarious/bad/ridiculous/awesome it was over pizza. Spending a time in a park might give you opportunities to people watch. Grab coffee and stay for open mic night or whatever. Check out an art gallery or go to a museum and discuss the exhibits. Take a tour of your city. Lots of options, so be creative!

    Just make sure you do you - that'll help you stay confident and relaxed. Come up with some open-ended basic questions you can ask in case of dead air, but don't make it an interrogation. Timing depends on what you plan to do and how well things go. If the two of you connect, things will come naturally. Body language goes a long way as well, so keep your posture open and put a smile on your face!

  • Pizza and movie


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