Is he really interested in me?

So there's this guy whom I know through his sister who is a good friend of mine. From the very start it was obvious that he's taken interest in me and I also find him interesting and want to get to know him better.

Let me say that the "connection" between us is very obvious for both of us, but also for his sister. She seems to be afraid of being left out and so we still haven't met alone, just the two of us.

Few days ago we got the chance to talk in the evening and the conversation went on until like 4 am. He said we should make coffee and stay up the whole night so we can talk more but I said I was simply too tired already, which I really was. That night we really got to know each other better and I sensed that he wanted to spend more time with me.

The next day he texted me to ask a question about an event we're going to. I thought that we were a bit closer now so the day after that I also sent him a text, congratulating him for appearing on TV the night before. He only answered in the evening and explained that he had had some sports tournament going on the whole day and that's why he didn't answer earlier. I decided to let him sweat a bit and didn't answer the whole evening. All together he sent me three text messages which I found good enough to finally answer him that same night. Then we texted a bit and I didn't have the chance to write back for a while so he went to sleep some time after midnight. The next day, meaning today, we continued our text message conversation and he asked a few questions and told me a bit more personal stuff.

But the thing is, though he replied quite fast in the beginning, he then started to need four to five hours for one reply. I know he's very probably busy right now so I decided not to take it to heart, but I sent him the last text message at around 5 pm and now it's almost midnight and he hasn't answered. I find that odd, writing a short message doesn't take up much time, especially if he was able to write such long ones before.

Do you think he's just not taking this seriously anymore? Or is he bored? I really thought he was very interested in me that evening and he tried to flirt with me before that but this is just irritating.

And isn't it odd that we kind of can't be open about this thing because of his sister? I have talked to her about it and it seemed that she was OK with it but there was still some drama from her side because of that.

Can you help me understand his mind please?


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  • you shouldn't have made him wait just because you had to wait, he was genuinely busy and that's why he couldn't text you but you did it on purpose, don't play games!

    he may have known you were only taking ages to reply because he took ages and now he is doing the same to you what you did to him, he probably hasn't lost interest but you both need to cut the games out and make it work

    tell his sister that you really like him and that your friendship with her wouldn't be effected in anyway :) good luck

    • Thank you, you were right with the games, I won't do that in the future. :) It's just so easy to let your ego take control, hah! By the way, nothing really developed between us, but it's fine that way.

    • yeah mind games are just a waste of time really eh, its a shame nothing developed but glad everything is ok

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