What do you think dating is?

Like what do you expect to happen on a date? What qualifies as a date? Etc...


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  • I never expect anything from ppl, I always show people love <3, if they want to see it as me wanting from them, then hey love is good, if not then hey love feels good and I know we shared a betiful emotions so what's their to be angry about? To me talking on the street could be a date if you want to call it that.

    I suffered so much in this life because when I expected things from women they always saw how I wanted to get from them. And I suffered and cried because when my expectations weren't meet I felt betryed. That or the girl expected certain programed actions, told to her by society, media ,or her friens and when I didn't live up to her expectations she would play games with me like not answer my calls or txts. Connection bettween a man and a women is a natural flow designed by natuer. So just be who you are and don't try to get from a man. If. He not acting a certain then so be it, he still love u


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  • It's a planned meeting so people can get to know each other better.


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