How do you know if what you're feeling is real?

I'm not really talking about Love.

I've been talking to this guy for a few months and we're going on our third date in a couple of days When I'm talking to him in person and via text/email - its amazing. We are ALWAYS laughing and in person we joke about tickling each other and we casually touch each other

I have tickled him lightly but I joke about tickling him hard but never do. We have some silly nicknames for each other. Sometimes we go a few days without talking but when we do talk it's nothing but laughs and good times

Thing is, we're still at the point where we are not official so we're expected to be seeing other people I guess? I been out with a couple of guys and he's been out with two girls that I know of but from what he tells me he isn't very fond of em at all.I don't want to keep dating other men because I feel like none of them make me feel like he does... you know the way I feel when we're laughing together and spending time. So I feel what's the point? but I think its too early to have the "talk" especially since I guess he doesn't want to date me exclusively since he hasn't said anything and does mention other girls (not a lot and we are very open with each other)

So how do I know my feelings are real for him and I'm not just longing for a relationship or something of that nature

my friend told me not to put all my eggs in one basket, which is true...but I like this basket. :p


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  • do you think about him all the time? I he the first thing you thing of when you wake up and the last thing you think before you go to sleep, are you sad when your not with him? are you at your most happiness when you are with him, if you can answer yes to any of these I think you must like him :)

    • i think about him a lot and I am sad when I'm not with him. when I am with him I'm so happy and usually have a huge smile on my face however some times he doesn't text me back and I get sad but ill just do something else and forget about it. but sometimes we'll go a week without talking or maybe a few days until one of us hits each other up but when we do speak its nothing but laughs and good things and flirting. especially in person

      like one time we didn't hang out for a month and when he saw me

    • he was like wow I feel like I haven't seen you in forever and then we flirted the whole time on our date and he made a heart with his hands and he touched me a little on my shoulder

      it made me feel great but I don't know if I genuinely like him and if he genuinely likes me too. I

      'm kind of skeptical

    • by the sounds of things I'd say he probably enjoys spending time with you as much as you like spending time with him, drop hints about for him to ask you out :)

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  • You don't over-think it. Just go with what feels right. When you start thinking too much, you create situations that don't even exist and everything gets complicated.


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  • what difference does it make. you can't know if you want to be with someone without trying. you can only know if you want to try.

    you either try or you dont.

    eggs.. basket. this isn't easter. its just.. life.

    if you like him try things out, if it doesn't work. move on.