His F**K buddy approached me on our date?

So I am dating this guy on and off a couple of months...

I really like him . He made himself out to be the opposite of what he really is .

I thought he was genuine because I liked him so much I wanted to wait awhile before we slept together ..

We were out in a club together and a girl approached me and said are you dating my **** bubbly ! she seemed very annoyed that he hadn't called her . She also said tell him to collect his jacket and camera .. so I found out who she was and we emailed each other . I found out a lot of stuff he was seen the both of us at the same time . he even used the same chat up line.. typical a**hole .. this girl had sex with him every weekend and when he was bored .. I told him not to contact again and delete my number do you think he will get in touch he knows that I'm not easy but he is hanging on chasing me .. so its true the chase is better than the catch ! I was so pleased with myself that I didn't sleep with him the thing is I was so tick to think he really liked me when all he was doing was trying to get into my pants


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  • i think you're overreacting. you weren't official. he can bang whoever he wants. you were just casually dating.


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  • If he's that kind of guy I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to sweet talk you back. Then again he probably has another girl lined up and ready to go as his backup plan.

  • I gotta get out more I'm to house boy

    • why get out of the house man guild wars to gotta level up!

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