A guy saying he's not looking for a relationship?

So normally I'd totally stop seeing someone who says that but this guy while he says he doesn't want a relationship acts in the complete opposite way.

We see each other at least twice a week

I've met his friends(they love me, he told me they told him he needs to date me)

He's met my family

We talk everyday

He pays for nearly everything on dates(unless I fight him and force him to let me pay

He's planning dates for us for a month from now

He's out and out told me he loves spending time with me

We've kissed and done some sexual stuff but not had sex

I just met him because he just moved to my city to work on computer here and it's a big city. But he said he didn't want to upset me if one day he wanted to go on a date with someone else.

So I'm not sure if I should just ignore what he's saying and listen to his actions or the other way around.

I kinda figured after two weeks it was a little soon for that conversation and whatever would happen would happen naturally.


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  • he wants to f*** you.


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