Can girls be too over reacting and emotional or can guys be insensitive and rude?

My uncle was talking about his past and how he wouldn't date what he called a fat girl. he said he would only date girls who weighed about 115 to 120 pounds and pretty. Do most guys think this way? Is it that important, to guys, that a girl be beautiful and thin.


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  • You know something, maybe you're young, but this is kind of a silly question. Mainly because any stupid generalization you say about either gender, if asked, the answer is always going to be "no, not all guys/girls are like that." because really no one gender can be summed up like that. As for what your uncle said, no, not all guys are going to be like that. Not all guys are looking for the skinniest little pris. Not all guys are looking for someone between 115 and 120. That's stupid.

    Not all guys are looking for any one bodytype, and there is no one standardized ideal of beauty. It's all subjective, abstract, and variable from person to person. Everyone has their own idea on this. I for one, am the kind of guy who likes bigger girls, just because I like a little something extra. Still, I would also date girls who are smaller, or skinnier, and in some cases even heavier. In the end, for a guy like me, I prefer a good personality. Because looks are one thing, but personality is what keeps people around.

    There are plenty of guys into bigger girls. There are plenty of guys who aren't. There are guys who don't care what the body is like, as long as she's pretty. There are guys who go the other way, and care more about fitness. There are also plenty of guys who in the end don't care about looks, and are more about what's inside. Thing is, seeing as there are so many kinds of people, you're not always gonna find the guy for you. So you gotta keep trying.

    In closing, your uncle is an asshole.


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