Recently single, trying to figure out how this works. please help :)

I'm a senior in college, recently trying to enter the dating game after a 6 year relationship, but I have no clue what I'm doing! There is a guy I'm really interested in, we've met a few times in the past when I was still in a relationship, but last week I spent the night at a friends house and he and I stayed up most of the night having drinks and talking, and we really hit it off. The next day, I requested him on Facebook and he almost immediately accepted the request and initiated a conversation on Facebook. We continued to message for that day, and the next morning he sent me his number and told me to text him if I wanted. Since then, we've been texting, and he texts me first each morning. He seems interested in talking to me, but I'm having such a hard time reading if he's interested as a friend or more. How do I tell, and how do I make it obvious that I'm interested in him? We flirt somewhat, and we both made comments about how we find the other attractive, but where do I go from here? My friends tell me not to just tell him that I'm interested, because that's not how the game works, but I'm finding that I really don't like the "game," so what do you think? Thank you in advance!


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  • Being in college, you're essentially in prime real estate territory for pursuing this guy. Just be honest (not brutally frank) and do so in an environment where you're both mutually comfortable with discussing your feelings.

    In my university days the pretense of "the game" was useless given that you had nothing to gain through a masquerade - everyone was in the same boat and wanted the same thing - as long as there's clearly mutual interest you have nothing to lose. Now in the adult world? When you have a career and you realize that you've expensively shackled yourself to a house (or an apartment in my case), student loans and a car? That's when playing the game becomes a requirement.


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  • if you like a guy (I did not read all that. way too much) just ask him out

    • Haha, sorry about the length. Thanks for the advice!

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    • bespecific as in hey want to go out some time, we could nlahblahblahblahblah. yah sure

    • Haha, Thanks! I'll try it!

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