Sent a guy this text?

Stupidly sent a text to this guy I have been seeing for two months.

That I had gotten a text from a guy I know and he asked me to dinner and drinks during the week. What did he want me to say to him?

Got no response.

About two hours after I realized I was being idiot and apologized for doing that. I told him I ended up saying no and that I feel silly for even mentioning that. No way would I ever see other people while with someone.

Still no response.

Reckon I have been blown off? People are saying to give him some space for a couple of days. Hope I have not blown it.

I really like him and have just been really confused. It has been a day since I have sent that and still nothing.

Anyway I can fix this?


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  • On the totem pole of "egregious dating mistakes", this is pretty low on it. If after a couple of days he still doesn't respond to you, I would move on. If he's going to take it this badly, even after you properly and immediately apologized for your mistake and rectified it, then he wasn't worth your time anyway. No need for him to hold a grudge on you for something so ultimately petty. There are much worse things that could have resulted from this and he should know that.

    • I meant that apology as well. I was in a way, kind of seeing where I stood with him. Then after realising he saw right through that. He is not dumb. Aplogised for it in the end.

      You are right. There is no need for him to hold a grudge over something so ultimately petty. Especially that he has female friends himself and that does not bother me. Besides that have not acted this way at all before and hope he realizes this was a once off. I was just confused that was all.

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    • So reckon I have completely blown it then? Over just this one comment?

    • Probably, but think about it in the positive. You made a mistake, you owned up to it, and now you can learn from it and apply it to the next guy you date. Shit happens

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  • There is the odd chance that he simply hasn't read the messages yet, but if we assume that he is acting all hurt and silent - then the best thing you can do is to demand that he stops sulking. No need to apologize or grovel.

    Tell him to get his act together and come over for some hot steaming sex.

    • Not groveling at all. Apologising once is enough! Ha ha. Bet that would get him coming back for sure. LoLz.

  • Your text was blank? I'm so confused.

    • No. Sent a text to this guy I have been seeing that another guy asked me out for drinks and dinner. Then asked what should I do? He never replied. After realized I was being an idiot and messaged him again saying I was silly for even mentioning that. He did not reply to that either.

      It has been a day have not heard from him since. My friends say I should just give him space and he may come back around. Would that be the right way to go about fixing this?

    • Idk it's a REALLY odd text to send and he may have even looked at as a very different meaning. May as well give him space, texting isn't a good idea at this point. He seems to be taking it a little seriously for anyone in their right mind, or hopefully his phone is dead..

    • It was not meant to be taken seriously and I did apolgise after. Saying that I felt silly for even mentioning it. That I did end up saying no and that no way I would see anyone else while with someone. Apologizing should count for something.

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  • I don't even see how this was a mistake or need for apology. At least you were being honest with him! If he's really butthurt over something so dumb then he's a big baby and good riddance!

    • I know and I felt bad for the way I acted. I meant that apology as well. Shakes head.

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    • Especially after I apologized.

    • Who knows, he might've had women do this before and he got fed up with it. Playing the jealousy game comes off as insecure and immature so maybe he has zero tolerance. I'd just say move on and learn from this.

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