Should a girl have to explain her reasons for not kissing a guy on the first date?

A guy attempts to kiss a girl on the first date and she doesn't accept. If the reason is because she's only just getting to know him, should she have to explain this to him? I don't want guys to think I'm repulsed by them, even though I'm obviously enjoying their company, but I also find it to be a bit awkward when I tell them why, as if it takes away from the flow and serenity of the date. What are your thoughts? Guys? Girls?


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  • You can let him know in a playful fashion, with a smoke, that you don't kiss on the first date.

    If I was that guy, I wouldn't take your position offensive at all if you delivered it that way.

    • Thanks! Sorry but what do you mean by, "with a smoke"? I've never heard of that expression (if it is an expression) or do you mean literally? I think I blew it the other day when I told the guy that I don't kiss because then I'll probably want more... :-/ Bad, bad idea! What I meant to say was that if I'm leaving (I might be moving), I don't want to get attached... Ugh, then I said that... Getting myself in a deeper hole and losing my "mystery"! Shoulda just left it at "no" with a smile...

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    • Haha, oh autocorrect. :) Well I told him I enjoyed his company, and that he was handsome, and that if I don't end up leaving I'll contact him. I just hate it when the "mystery" part is lost. Like, no guy wants a thorough explanation of the reason why women don't get intimate too quickly. I'd assume they'd like to know it's because they just aren't the type of girls who move too fast rather than the type who becomes clingy after kissing, which is what I think I implied.

    • And you can't really erase his memory after saying that. I feel like saying sorry will make me look even more clingy or desperate. I always want to have a little aura of mystery to me, so that there is always something more for them to come back to. But I can't reverse his first impressions of me. So I wonder if there are ways of making it up through dates? I mean, if a guy no longer has that desire for me, then what's the point in continuing? And how will I know if he's no longer interested?

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