Does he like me or is it just a hook up, have sex, & move on?

I've meet him 2 weeks before all of this happened but we hung out for a little & he brought up some girl he use to hook up with over summer and its awkward whenever she's around so I guess he still has feelings if he brought it up to me which is weird but anyways & he kissed me out of nowhere and told me he's been waiting to do that for a while. Eventually we started hooking up and we went to lay on his bed and hooked up more. He put on a movie and started cuddling with me and was kissing my face. He tried to lay me down and kissed more. I told him I'm not trying to have sex with him and he said "he doesn't want to be that guy" and sat back down on the bed. He was cuddling with me after that and wanted to hook up more but I was over it because of the situation so I'm sure he got the point by now. He told me to sleepover and we laid down & he started cuddling with me and we were talking and before we both went to sleep he kissed my forehead. I felt him spooning me but he didn't wrap his arms around me, put his head on my shoulder & he was rubbing my tummy every now and then. I woke up before him and his phone was going off from a bunch of girls of course which made me feel like "just another girl." His friends came in the room being loud and he told them to shut up and get out and then he started rubbing my back & I woke up again and hugged him goodbye and he told me "next time your here let me know so we could do something better then this" and with that I left. I went home which is 2 hours away from where he is. Its been two days since this happened. I'm just not sure what to think of this.


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  • Wow. Besides the fact that your whole post was nearly unreadable, from what I COULD gather, yes this is just a hook up.

    When a guy says to you "next time you're here, let me know so we could do something better than this", it means "last night was awful, call me when you want to f***". If he wanted something real, he would have said something completely different AND he would still be in communication with you.

    Best of luck though with either him or future endeavors.


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