Is telling her I like her a bad thing?

So this girl (who I've know for almost a year) and I have started going on a few dates (about 4 or so) anyways she is really hard to read. During our dates she always seems like she receptive to another date and when I text her she responds well usually but not always (sometimes she just stops responding and never answers a question and she rarely texts me first). We've only kissed once since we've started going on dates and She did recently break with someone she dated for 2 years so a part of me wonders if she is just being cautious about getting involved. The problem is I've been single for a few years now and am ready for a relationship. So I was thinking of just putting my cards on the table and asking what her feelings were towards me along with letting her know that I like her. Is this a bad idea that is doomed for failure? I don't want to scare her off if she is teetering on the edge but at the same time its stressful putting trying to get everything perfect so she does continue to like me and not knowing exactly how she feels about me. I really like this girl as she has every trait (which I've learned from past exs) that I want in someone and don't want to lose her by messing up.


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  • if your ready for a relationship she might not...she's prob confused she might even get back with her ex..u can try wining her over by being yourself which would be good I am hoping..and give her time..if she is the one girl you want..if not then date around until she is ready or starts talking to you more...i am not saying be a player but don't focus only on one girl when she doesn't even show interest yet..u will get hurt ..


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  • Explain to her the traits you really like about her and see if she can mention something deep about you, without asking. Naturally, compliment begets compliment. If she can articulate deep facts about what she likes about you, maybe you should ask her out sooner rather than later. And if she can't, give feelings the time and interaction to manifest in her too



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