Why did my ex do this?

I dated my ex for about seven months, and he broke up with me about a month ago. I really cared about him. We used to work at the same place, but he has another job now. A co-worker told me that she ran into him at a wedding. She told me that he didn't have a date. But, she asked if we were still together and he said "no, that's over. Done." She said he was super happy and smiling the whole time. She told him that he didn't have to sound so happy about it, and he said "I guess I'm just an a**hole." Then, he went on to tell her that I was "a really sweet girl, but we were just going in different directions." Why would he tell someone this, especially since he knows that she is going to tell me about it?


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  • Probably because he knew it WOULD get back to you. I've been guilty of relaying information via a friend accidentally-on-purpose.


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  • Guys don't really think: oh, if I tell that person that fact, she'll tell her and then she'll know.

    He's just moving on, not regretting breaking up with you because he thought you were going in different directions.

    I think it's good that he's moving on, it would be sad if he kept living in the past. You should move on too. I'm not saying that it's good he's over you, just that when a break up comes, people should try to move on, how hard that is sometimes.


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