To the ladies who have tried online dating?

What would be some of the reasons (besides you meeting someone else, him saying something creepy or untoward etc) that you would abruptly end your correspondence(after one or more emails) with a guy who was interested in you? Thank you in advance for any feedback.


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  • I have something else I rather do.

    I'm dating somebody else

    I'm just not that into him

    I don't like him at all

    He is boring

    He is unattractive

    He is dumb

    He is rude

    • Would you consider this a boring email?:

      My weekend was pretty good. A lot like yours, very busy with work and school. (sucky Saturday morning classes ;( ). So what kinda movies and music do you like? Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

    • Sort of, but it's okay if it leads to more conversation. It would be better if you said:

      "I just saw this preview for a movie I really want to see"

      "I'm going out to listen to live...any kind of music"

      "I'm gonna watch pay per view...something or other"

      You sound like you are wanting her to entertain you.

      Instead of saying your weekend was pretty good...just pick out one thing about it you want to tell her about.

      Just ask her: How are you?

      That's my opinion at least.

    • What do you mean I'm wanting her to entertain me?

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  • Other thing is you don't want to screw around a whole lot on these dumb dating sites. Ask to meet her.

    • About how many emails do you think should be exchanged before I ask to meet her? I don't want to come off as creepy.

    • ? I don't know!

      There are no rules and numbers. IT all depends if you hit it off with her or not.

      Not gonna be a love match with everybody.

      Call her first...let her call the shots but invite her to meet you in a public place for a short meeting like for a hot chocolate or milkshake or something like that no big deal.

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