In the "red zone"...need help! Feels like I'm about to lose her.

Liked this girl for a long time, finally got together with her and hooked up then spent the next few weeks texting all the time. We hung out a few more times with some plans getting rain checked. It really felt like she was about to be my girlfriend. I liked her. She liked me. Now it seems like it's starting to fizzle...FOR NO REASON (so I think).

She says she is really busy trying to get her life together but that she would like to see me when she can. She barely texts me anymore. We had lunch last week and haven't heard from her since. I've tried saying Hi via text a couple times and got no response. I sent her a light-hearted Facebook message asking if she was still alive and I got no response. every time I get no response I wait at least two days before trying again and she never gets back to me.

I don't know what else to do without seeming too clingy, but I also want to know what she is up to and show her I'm still interested, but I know she has a hectic life right now so I want to give her space. I feel like I should talk to her in person about this, but I can't get ahold of her. I went into her work today to see if she was there but she wasn't. I really have no idea what is going on. Any help/advice would be great! Thanks!


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  • I'm sorry to hear about this my friend. From what I read, you message her multiple times without a response from her. If I were you, I would just wait like another week and give it one more shot. YOu rather not waste your time with people that don't want to spend time with you. You know what I mean.


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