Is it legal for me to be dating someone who is over 18, even if I am a minor?

I just turned 17 and I want to date this guy that just turned 19. Would it be legal? I'm from North Carolina and I did an internet search but couldn't find any trustworthy website that would satisfy my question. We don't plan on having sex with each other because we both are Christians but I don't want to enter this relationship if it's something that he might get in trouble for...

The age constant here is 16, I live in Alabama. So I'm not sure how that would have been a problem. But I agree that he was probably embarrassed that he was tricked like that.


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  • North Carolina's age of consent is 16

    • that means your legal

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    • no prob... I have to wait until I am 18 to date the guy I want... thankfully he is waiting X)

    • Oh, that sucks. :/ Wow he must be a really awesome guy to actually wait. That's awesome! Ha, I love when people actually try to keep their relationships no matter what barriers might appear.

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  • It CAN get tricky if your parents have a problem with it, but as long as you don't have sex - including oral sex - it can be okay. It is scary in today's day and age though, so give him a little breathing room.

  • I guess dating is okay. Sex might not be.

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