How to not be so fickle when dating/how much to accept?

In the past I have had a habit of dropping men really quickly and for little reasons. No one has broken up with men- I have gotten the fade out after a first date. But I have always been the one who ended every serious relationship (however, we had many conversations beforehand about the things that needed to change in our relationship- it didn't come out of nowhere).

But now I feel I am too casual. Like, how much leeway should I give men when starting off dating?

Example: I have been out with this guy once, outside of us meeting at the bar where he got my number. I didn't hear from him for a week, then he called, asking me out again. In the past I would've never spoken to hi again, but I'm trying to change...should I give him another chance as we've only been out once?


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  • You didn't like that he made you wait a week? If that is the only, I would wait a few days then get back to him about the date.

    You really just need to know what it is you are looking for in a guy and what is a real deal-breaker for you. Everyone has their good and bad qualities... you just need to know what flaws you are able to overlook and what is worth fighting for.


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