I met a guy online that says he likes bigger girls?

I met a guy online that says he likes bigger girls and can't wait to meet me (we have exchanged pics and are going to date) since he thinks I am so hot. He is an athlete and values fitness. Then I read on his twitter that he hates it when a girls face is pretty but her body is fugly. Now I am all scared to meet him since I kinda like him and feel that I won't measure up to his standards. I was fine until the tweet I read.


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  • He probably only plans on hooking up with you. He obviously thinks your body is fine enough to sleep with but I'd want to make sure he's not one of those guys who hooks up with bigger girls at night time but is only seen with fit girls in public

    • Oh no we are going on a date at a restaurant for our first meeting

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    • It's probably because you're making paranoid assumptions by overblowing something that you have absolutely no idea what motivated it.

      Gasp! You mean he's a nice guy, not this villainous creature as depicted by his ONE TWEET and all of these GAG girls who never met him? No bloody way.

    • I didn't say he wasn't a nice guy he seems it. I've just been through a lot of bad relationships and even worse dating experiences. I always expect the worst even though I try not to.

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  • That's exactly why you should never stalk someone's activity over social networks. They create unnecessary drama. Simple actions are misinterpreted and overblown. Just pretend you never saw that tweet.

    If he's seen your body and approves, that means he approves. Whatever has been said over Twitter is irrelevant because you have no idea what the motivation was.

    • I don't stalk I google to make sure the guy isn't crazy or married or been arrested 8,000 times.

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    • You sure know how to pick 'em.

    • Oh be quiet anyone can be anyone online that's why I do a little homework before meeting em. It's the smart thing to do. He had seemed like a really nice guy, new to town, clean cut and all that jazz.

  • Was that just one tweet? Or was his page full of such tweets? If its just one, I don't think it matters much.

    • It was just one but it was one of only like 4 out of 100 that didn't pertain to sports.

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  • This worries me...

    He values fitness. He says he likes bigger girls. His Twitter, says otherwise.

    I'm a little worried, he might be preying upon your vulnerability...

    • Of I mean I didn't even know how much he was into fitness until we bad been texting for over a week and that was after emailing for a week. He just brought up how he is finally healing from a pretty serious sports injury and can't wait to get back to playing. And I'm not that vulnerable he is quite a bit younger than me.

  • Maybe he's got a different definition of "fugly." He might find your curves really attractive; maybe he's not even into skinny girls. You could always ask him about it.

    If not, I wouldn't worry about it. If he was willing to lie to you about what he found attractive in order to get with you, he's probably not worth your time anyway.

    • True enough. I mean he seems genuine. We were talking about how our schedules clash and he was telling me he was starting to get upset because he really wants this to work because he hasn't even met me and thinks I am awesome.

    • He does seem nice, but that doesn't explain his discrepancy. I'd ask him about it.

    • I will after we get to know each other I don't want him to think I was stalking him when I was just googling him to make sure he wasn't married or a criminal.

  • Well first of all, he sounds like kind of a douche to be going out of his way to make a tweet about girls not living up to his likings, lol.

    But anyway. Has he seen your body? If he has and hasn't run away, then don't worry about it.

    • Mostly I am uncomfortable with my new weight after losing like 50 lbs. He told me loves bigger girls though

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