Girls: how much nastier are you in text?

I've had girls who talk about things when texting that they end up never actually doing with me later on -- this includes girlfriends who I tell its perfectly OK to try haha

any girls interested in finding out how freaky or like texting just message me


Most Helpful Girl

  • *smh* so many girls think that being borderline skanky = true sex appeal. It does not. Throwing it all out there and throwing sexual ideas at a guy does is not what true sex appeal is all about. I wish girls would stop trying to use sexuality to look attractive and desirable thus unplanned pregnancy, STD's, f*** buddies that end in disaster, you and this question...ugh! Anyway, basically, some girls do that because they have a mistaken idea of what it means to be hot.

    They think they're turning you on, and they might be, but there's a significant difference between turning a guy on for an hour max vs. being able to turn a guy on multi-dimensionally and having him want to be turned on by you in more ways than just sexually.

    Either that or they are all talk and no action.

    They talk a big game, but they don't bring one. ;P


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  • If I was in a relationship with a guy, texting or in person it would be the same. At the beginning of the relationship, I'd probably be more shy and less open about that stuff but more into the relationship I'd be more outgoing and more willing to speak my mind ;)

  • I'm a straight shooter, if I say/type it, then I'm going to do it.


What Guys Said 1

  • Simply put, there being teases. These girls really aren't the freaks you think they are. They're just telling you what they think guys or more specifically you want to hear.


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