How to keep a girl interested when texting?

When I text this girl I like I find myself running out of things to say. Then I make some lame accuse to stop texting. How can I keep the conversation going and keep it interesting? Please leave examples.


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  • You don't have to give an excuse (lame or not) to stop texting. I actually don't like it when someone starts a conversation through text, I'm like: come over to talk, call me or email me or something if he wants a conversation. I think texting is nice to check up on someone (as in: how was your day?) or to make quick plans or ask a question without a huge answer. Like: wanna meet up there and then?

  • I guess it depends on what type of girl she is? =-/ Just text random things. Sometimes it happens, you run out of things to say. What can you cover that you already haven't talked about? So I just talk about random things =-/ hahahhaa.

    Like I asked this guy if he had razor sharp metal shards sticking out of his d*** and he can control it at certain points so it will lay flat but if he gets too excited (about to cum) they will stick out and you know he was healthy and everything was fine and it didn't hurt him and what not would he still expect a girl to suck it or have sex with him? but I don't think you can ask a girl that question...hahahhaa.

    So maybe you can ask her about her day instead? and what she did and if anything interesting happened?


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