Why won't my girlfriend's parents let her visit me in college?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for around three years. As far as I could tell her parents liked me while we dated in high school, but I would always have to go to her, she could only come to me a few times. Mostly this was because she didn't have a car and would have to use one of her parents'. But now we are both in college about two hours apart and her parents say that it is fine if I go see her, but she isn't allowed to come to me. Her parents also don't want either of us to stay overnight. I find this a little ridiculous. My girlfriend and I both want to wait until marriage to have sex and she made it clear to her parents that we wouldn't be sleeping in the same room. What is going on here?


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  • My guess is that they want you to go to her instead of her to you because they feel that she'll be less tempted to have sex when she's around her (mostly female) friends as opposed to your (mostly male) friends.


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