Am I pushing him away?

since I found out he's not telling me everything like him talking to this girl from his work (known for flirting with any man and she's married with 2 kids and gets drunk on their company Christmas party every time) on the phone and text, I completely lost all my trust for him. we have been married since 2005 and we have a beautiful daughter together. since then, I became paranoid about who he calls, texts. I think he is cheating on me yet he completely denies it that he is not since he is home everyday. but I don't know anymore. he used to be so over possessive but not anymore. HELP. :(


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  • Why is he texting the inappropriately flirty woman? That is definitely a cause for concern. :( I need more specifics to make a guesstimate, but have you tried counseling to figure it out?

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