In the USA, why are foreign (as in non-American) women put on such a high pedestal?

This one trend that I happened to notice quite a bit.


If you look on this site or anywhere else on the Internet about male dating/relationships...

... will notice a heavy following of American men bashing American women about how terrible they are, and simultaneously talking about going to other countries because the women outside the USA are overall "better".

Guys and girls, what reason(s) do you think there is a strong following of American men finding American women as a whole undesirable?

What positive traits (or lack of negative traits), do you think these American men in question, seem to believe so strongly that non-American women have that makes them overall "better" than women in their home country of the USA?


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  • I think its 'grass is always greener' in reality.

    Certainly -some- western women are very entitled. I hope its not most.

    I think there is a reality perhaps with some western women that they expected more then life is likely to deliver, are disappointed in what they end up with, and blame those around them for it.

    Guys who want foreign women typically want a more traditional relationship where they are the provider, and she handles the home, and hopefully both appreciate each others' contributions. I know plenty of western raised stay at home moms (I'm married to one) and most seem to act like their husband is 'lucky' to go to work while they make the big sacrifice of staying home. Of course this is crap - they're lucky to be able to have a husband who can afford to let them stay home, and could if they wanted to go to work and pay someone else to handle child care/cleaning/etc. By contrast, their husband could not choose to stay home as well and pay someone else to support the family. Its also a common pattern I see for stay at home moms here to act like when they care for the kids its 'work', but when their husband gets home and takes over, its not work for him.

    A general issue maybe is that western women have, to a large extent, been changing what they offer in a relationship. Some seem pretty unclear about what they offer at all.


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  • Guys who bash their own nationality typically can't attract the women of their nationality they want.years of rejection turn to anger and bitterness, so they turn to women who are the only takers.usually its because they are from poor backgrounds and may want green cards.

  • I think they find them more "exotic" and women in a lot of other countries are supposed to be more subservient to men, so maybe a lot of these men can't handle more dominate independent women. A lot of these guys are just bitter.

  • I don't know for sure. I haven't spent much time on this topic.

    What I do know is that American women tend to be told to focus on careers and such.

    Women in some other countries might be desperate to get out of a poor economic situation.

    Guess it really depends what countries you are talking about?

    Are we talking third world, first world countries or does that matter?

    Like Russian

    Like from Thailand


    Or Switzerland




    Over all Americans male and female might all be on the sucky side...

    I've got to think about this a little more.

    Also the men I know who are happily married, the majority of those are married to American women. Good guys who are raised well do attract and find good women. I see it around me.

    Could just be that foreign women from poor countries think American men are all from Hollywood or something.

    My neighbor married a woman from the Philippines, he was a scuzzy guy, she was very very poor, she came to the USA and there is all this stuff here for her to buy but sometimes she would cry because none of her family was over here.

    I have a Japanese female friend (born and raised in Japan) who is married to an American man. She isn't happy in the marriage but she sticks with it.


    Maybe other countries have a more clear model for marriage or something.

    There is a greater cultural phenomenon of people in my generation that are trying to re-figure what is the model.

    • Would add that few years ago one of my male Canadian friends told me he would like to marry an American female because he thought that America had more opportunities for creating wealth.

      Maybe he was joking, but that was before our economy dump happened now the Canadian currency is up and USA is down.

      So maybe it's an over all perception also that America is the best country to be in...or once was.

  • I've never really noticed this a lot on this site. But I maybe assume American men find any other woman appealing because it is a change? it is something new, and different.

    Americans are known for being rude and ignorant people. Maybe the women are like that down there. I wouldn't know because I live in Canada

  • I guess it's a 'the grass is always greener on the other side' sort of thing.

    Anyone would assume that finding someone else, from somewhere else, would be better, if they had many negative experiences with wo/men from their own country. It's assumed so, because no one really knows, or understands, what it's like. Perhaps a man thinks that a culture that thinks of women as less than men, for example, would be more desirable, because they've had experiences with women from their own country/culture being too dominant for their own liking. I doubt that, without being raised in that same culture, it would actually be all that appealing.

    Just my silly little opinion, though.

  • For one, research shows that a lot of foreign women give more oral sex, or are more willing to engage in other sexual acts, than American women. Also they're supposedly more submissive, less mouthy, and are thought to be more exotic and sexy.

    • Oh & foreign women are supposedly less opinionated and more "accepting" of a man's ways." ?

  • I think it's the appeal that some women are more "exotic" than others. I've heard that French women are more sexually open than American women. Is it true? I don't know, but I believe is just the appeal of them that makes them more desirable to American men.

  • I personally think its because they are so used to seeing the same race in their country & kinda know how most, not all, are so they judge them for that. And when they see foreign women they mostly see them as exotic & therefore see them as very different & even more attractive compared to the women of their home land.

  • Internet people tend to live in a fantasy land more than average. Daydreaming about a foreign woman being a perfect, gorgeous, submissive wife without having to be a physically/emotionally/socially attractive partner do for anything but pay for her plane ticket is a common little fantasy for guys who are rejected a lot or are bitter about dating.

    Also, for both male and females, we mostly think of the attractive people we've seen photos of when we think of an unfamiliar country. "Slovokia? Oh yeah, that hot model was from there!" Plus, different locales seem exotic and exciting.

    In reality, I know a guy who married a girl from overseas that he met online and she is sassy as can be and not really any different looking than the other women he dated before.


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  • You're clearly voicing the opinion of all the American guys that are too ugly to find dates. When they discover they can run off to other countries and find women standing in line to date them, they become convinced they've actually been attractive all along and American woman are just to stuck-up to know it. The fact is, once they marry a litle Philipino girl and she attains citizenship, she'll drop em quicker than an AIDS-laden cookie.

  • I guess the fact that Americans are the fattest country in the world (and most men want skinnier women, and supposedly foreign women may be more likely to be in better shape.) There's also the fact that foreign women have "sexy accents" and may be more "exotic." I think it's largely a glamorization of "the other." By the way, the Pokemon is Kakuna!

  • they tend to be thinner and less needy/greedy.

  • Exoticism!

    We are all self masochistic martyrs who like what we can't have

    I don't like the women from over here either, and I live in sweden

    I've dated women from both sides of the pond,

    different timezones could add to the stress or attraction as you would say


  • Idk.. I like American women...I think there may be a perception that American women are lazier and more independent, quicker to divorce...but I don't know that I agree with that...Can't get much more "American" than my wife..and she has been divorced but he gave her good reason...she is not the independent type.. maybe a little on the lazy side..hasn't had a job in almost 2 years and isn't really looking...but we are doing well...(:(:(:

  • foreign girls don't feel as entitled...they have had everything here and been treated so well compared to girls from other countries. eastern European & latin girls are just so much more appreciative of everything and don't expect a guy to do as much as American girls. they treat their guys better too.

    however I do like American girls a lot and don't really care where a girl is from...

  • Because women from other countries are more traditional. I've dated all types of girls, and usually women from other countries or who were raised with the traditions that their parents brought from their countries fit that stereotypical female role better.

  • American women are spoiled. They were ruined by feminism.