Do you go on traditional dates?

out of my three relationships (if you could call some of them that), I've only actually gone on one traditional date.

Usually, it's a matter of us being interested in each other, texting each other a bunch, then hanging out knowing we're interested as more than friends, and then considering us a couple.

Normally, there hasn't been a traditional "date" where we go out to a fancy restaurant, I pay for everything, and she just shows up, and we chat about things. That's only happened, like, once, and it ended up being a girl who needed to be "catered to" a lot.

How many of you go on traditional dates, or that is, how often is that how you start off a relationship/

  • I don't usually date, in the traditional sense.
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  • I only do traditional dates , I've been with my man for years so I've been out the dating seen . But prior to that , The guy would pick me up and we would go on our date . That's the only thing that's not traditional that you mentioned.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I've been on one traditional date and even that wasn't so traditional because I did the asking and I paid. I like dates, it just never seems to happen that way. I have plenty of time though.

  • I have a few times and I can't say how nice it is to do that.

    • are traditional dates really that rare nowadays?

    • Yes I think they are. We live in a much faster and full world today and it is a rare opportunity when you take the time to just enjoy a date like the old days. Today its meet you at my place, order food in or pick it up and bring it in, hop in bed, goodnight got to get back home.

  • Yeah, same. I've been on traditional dates but none of them ended in actual relationships. My actual relationships started as friends first and then we just kept hanging out like we normally do but with making out, haha.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, I've only gone out on two dates in my life, both with the same girl. We did say they were dates but they were very casual things, so not quite as you described the "traditional date". She even insisted on paying for herself.

    I guess I answered A because the dates I went on weren't exactly traditional. In fact the process you described (texting --> hanging out knowing we're both interested) is basically how we did it, except without the end result of having a relationship.

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