Is this a good date idea

I recently climb up this building on campus using the rusted old fire escape with a few kids from my floor. Anyways this coworker and I are mutually attracted to each other and I was thinking of inviting him up there after work Friday night. Would that be something fun to do with him, looking over the entire campus and skyline from the roof? And should I try bringing any food or drinks or just take him there?


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  • Sounds more like what friends might do that are super bored in college :P

    • I was with friends and I am in college and I was the only girl so they said it was sexy. Wouldn't it be at least fun to do though just the 2 of us late at night, alone, under the stars?

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    • When did you ask him? How many days has it been, I would wait probably a week before you try again if you just asked.

    • Last night is when I asked him.

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  • I think that's a great idea... Very romantic! I would definitely ask him out on Friday and maybe when you make your suggestion, you could say to him 'I could bring some food and/or drinks if you like?' and see how he responds... Kinda give him the choice?

    If on the evening the conversation goes well, you could both probably stay there all night, but maybe have an alternate plan in mind just incase the conversation goes dry, or you both get a little bored and you then have something to suggest you could both do together if that did happen... Like a back up plan for the night! lol

    You could take the opportunity while you're up there to tell him that you may be quitting your job soon (I read that on your other question) and if you two working together was an issue for him, then maybe that will relax him a little... Like you say, you're both not necessarily going to be working there forever! lol

    Anyway, I hope you both have a good night together at it all goes to plan!... :o)

    • Well we can't stay up there all night, campus patrol would punish us. I was thinking of it more being a surprise going up there than flat out telling him. I think if I get him to take this "risk" with me of getting in trouble with the school then he'd be willing to take the the possible "risk" of dating me

    • lol Well I don't see any reason why he would refuse your offer... I mean it's not a major crime and I'm sure if you did get caught you could just laugh about it later, but I don't see any risk in dating you! ;o) But yeah, make it a surprise for him and have a think about what you might want to do later that night... :o)

  • do you by any chance watch how I met your mother?

    • They bring their dates to the roof of their apartment building to seduce him or her. I thought you got the idea from the show lol

    • No I didn't and that was the plan so now I feel very unoriginal.

  • depending on how long the climb, could bring gatorade and yogurt, or sandwiches. something simple

    • Its a 3 story building so like 4 flights of rusted fire escape

    • bring gatorade, sandwiches, and tetanus shots. incase he cuts himself on the rust lol

  • Put some beer up there before the date, like that you have something at the top and he'll find it sweet because you put thought into the date

    Have fun

    • I only have vodka though so I'd have to make something with that, but I'm also not sure I want to get drunk on a 3 story building,

    • ahhh but then you can tell him its to dangerous to climb down and you'll have to spend the night up there. bring sleeping bags. haha

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