I liked her, but after she was hesitant, I don't want to go on the date

I asked this girl out who I liked a lot and who I thought reciprocated similar interest. But she didn't give me an answer straight away, instead doing the whole I'll let you know thing. When she did that, my interest dropped because in the past girls used to do that to me and I'd stay by my phone hoping they'd get back (and usually never did). So I assumed she wasn't interested.

She eventually did get back to me, although later than I would have preferred and in a way that I clearly wasn't a priority. And even though she's willing to go on the date, I don't want to now. I don't know if it's just disappointment that she wasn't as interested as I thought she was or it's just being jaded from past experiences or what, but I'm not as revved up as I was up till I asked her out. So what should I do or say to her?


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  • You played your cards right.

    You didn't get your hopes up and continued to move on with your life.

    Don't completely X her out, I say give her a chance (but maintain your same attitude).

    Go with the flow, and don't get too excited (because you never know what could happen).

    Set a date for you two to hang out (make the plan about a week or two from now), Seem a little busy and not too available (you don't want to come off has desperate).

    You don't want has soon has someone takes their time to contact you, you jump up.

    Take your time, feel things out, and I wish you luck :)

    • I scheduled something with her 2 weeks from now. I told her that I made other plans since I wasn't sure what was happening.

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    • yes, the only problem is that we don't have the details firmed up, so I will somehow have to do that with this girl closer to the day.

    • Yeah, wait until earlier that week and get information from her. Call and be like, "Are we still on for ___day?" and then get the info you need from there.

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