Should I call him?

I met a really great guy (at least I think he is) last Wed, and he made it known that he was interested, constantly making eye contact, blushing, etc, and then slipped me his phone number before he left. I called him two days later and he sounded super excited to hear from me, and when I asked if he would be interested in drinks or coffee, he replied quickly with "When?", so we made arrangements that I would call him the next night after I got off work, and he would come and have a couple of drinks with me. I called the next night, and was surprised when he showed up cute as ever with a dvd in hand and a bottle of wine. We sipped on that, and talked for about an hour and although I was determined to not "give it up" on the first date, I did. . . it was amazing, and afterwards he held my face in his hands, was constantly staring at my mouth when I talked and looked right into my eyes for a very long time. He told me to call him the next day and I did, we chatted for about a half hour, about nothing having to do with sex, and the next night he called me and invited me over to his place. I went over, and we sat and talked again for awhile, he showed me some pics, and then again we slept together, he indicated several times things about getting together again for brunch and to have me over for a bowl of his soup, stuff like that. He told me to text him the next day about possibly meeting up or getting together, but he wasn't sure what his plans were. I totally screwed up I know, by texting him twice, and he did not reply to the texts and so I called him later on and asked what he was up to, he sounded fairly happy to hear from me, and told me he wasn't sure if he would come over after or meet up with me because he was drinking with his buddies from work, but that he would give me a call and let me know either way. He didn't call.

It seemed like he was totally into me, telling me I was so amazing (non-sex related) and that I was so sweet and we had a lot of things in common. I really like this guy. . .

So should I wait a couple of days to see if he calls me, and if he hasn't, should I call him?


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  • Wait a couple days. You just started a relationship so relax, put your emotional brakes on and enjoy going with the flow. If he hasn't called in several days than he may be really busy or just not that into you. Either way, he got the message that you are interested in hanging out and the ball is in his court. Think of it like tennis, you serve a ball to him and it's up to him to return it. If he doesn't than it's time to move on. Don't keep serving balls to him one after the other.


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  • Don't call. Don't call. Don't call.

    If he's into you he'll do the work and call you.

    I would actually suggest getting the book "He's just not that into you" the movie is good, but the book is even better. I think it's perfect for the dating process before you're in a committed relationship.

  • Don't call him, go see the movie, "He's just not that into you." It has some good points in it. I've been in a similar situation and I just had to let it go. Men are extremely nice when they first meet you and they will do whatever it takes to get you and when they do their mission is over.

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