Guys, do you want to be kissed?

I mean in my situation, would you want a girl you have interested but never really talked to kiss you by the lips and confess? Or you rather take the initiative, wait for a long time and whatever it happens... Is it too fierce? Would you be scared away? Would you immediately lose interest if you see the girl is so...( insert adj)


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  • I have absolutely no problem initiating this sort of thing, but I will admit that it is very nice every once in a while for the girl to initiate things. To answer your questions if this were me you were doing this to: No, I don't think it's too fierce; I wouldn't be scared away unless you acted insane afterwords; I wouldn't lose interest.

    A couple of things to keep in mind, though:

    1) Do this in the reverse order. Confess to him FIRST that you like him, and depending on his response, then kiss him if you feel like it. The kissing part could either work or backfire heavily depending on his personality. If he's more introverted and shy, it might overpower him and push him away...whereas if the guy is more extroverted he might take it a lot better.

    2) How do you have interest if you haven't really talked? Sure you're attracted to him, but what do you know about his character? I would probably talk to him a bit more before you do any of this...I think the kiss would mean a lot more if you two were already having some chemistry

    • 1. I would want to confess first too, but I think I would gain courage after the kiss . I don't talk well, especially in front of him.

      2. We talked, but not really friend kind of talk. I know his personality well enough, I'm not only attracted to him now. We have chemistry, even my friend felt that

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    • From what I understand of the various Asian cultures, and please correct me if I'm ignorant, the men are heavily looked upon as the initiators for dating/relationships. If that's the case, try and make it absolutely CLEAR that you have interest in him without exactly spelling it out. Make it so that there isn't a doubt in his mind. This puts the ball in his court to act on these signals that you're sending him. If he doesn't get it...then I suppose you could do you surprise ninja attack.

    • That means I should keep sending signals? The ninja attack is the kiss right? And yes Asian men can be manly but shy in front of the person they like. It takes a lot of time to pursue the girl and after all the drama it takes even more time to kiss her, it's really abnormal for me to think like that...

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  • I'd say telling him would be enough, and go off his reaction. You seem to be confident he likes you already, so all you really need to do is share your feelings with him. At that point, he'll gain the security needed to man up and kiss you if he feels as strongly as you. Trust me, guys like a woman who knows what she wants and who isn't afraid of expressing herself, it's very attractive...

    • I want to kiss him before confessing... Is it too manly?

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    • Gosh, this is hard

    • It's not as hard as it may seem. You said the only way you can psyche yourself up to letting him know is by kissing him, so go for it if your intuition is guiding you. You only live once, your sixth sense is usually not wrong. Good luck! :)

  • Hint heavily towards the kiss, do the 90-10 but the other way around

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    • I'm unexperienced so thx... But I'm asking for kissing him, so should I be doing it 100?

    • You can do the 100, but don't go in ninja style:D

      Guys need to be mentally prepared when they kiss someone they have feelings towards too:D

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