No contact for 3 days, should I message him or wait?

I have been seeing this guy for just under two months. He lives 45 minutes away. The past two weeks he has been working 14-19 hour days, so I haven't been pushing texting too much ("how are you" and "have a good day" type texts but always short convos. He initiated some as well).

After not seeing him for 2 weeks, we got together Saturday .. watched movies at his place then went to a bar in his town. Came back and had sex, and again in the morning before he left for work. I texted him Sunday evening. ME: "Hey! Thanks again for taking me to *bar* last night! Had a great time. Hope coworker wasn't too mad you were late! lol" HIM: "No. It was fine :)". ME: "haha good! how was work?" HIM: "still here..." ME: "oooo brutal :S well hope the rest of your evening goes well!" HIM: "Thanks :)". And that was the last contact.

I'm thinking of messaging him tonight "Hope your week is going well! :)". Is this a good idea or should I wait for him to message?

I really like him, and it's been going well (sleeping together, met the parents/friends,etc) but I'm not sure if he's not interested, or if he's just crazy busy with work and not thinking about me, or if he's in the "pullback" phase of dating because it's too much too soon kind of thing.


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  • Don't understand why everyone thinks they need to play the wait and see game! Obviously you like him, he appears to like you, is a pretty busy fella etc etc. Why don't you do something very unique, like I know "CALL HIM" and maybe have a very nice sort conversation with him!

  • I personally would wait for him to make the next move, since you texted him last.But, I don't see why if you just sent a "how are you doing" text prob would not hurt. If he doesn't reply, I would start reevaluating the relationship. Have you ever thought he is just in it for the sex? I've been there and sometimes its hard to tell. Distance can make an impact on relationships as well. I'm not saying it to be true but its something to think about. be careful and keep your guard up girl :)

    • Thanks anon, I ended up sending the message. He replied "ugh...busy". Not the response I wanted. I just told him I liked him a lot but it was clear the timing is bad and we're not on the same page and he said he was sorry and wished he wasn't working so much and will contact me when work dies down. I said I'd like that, and we left it at that. I don't have my hopes up, but am glad I can move on and we parted amicably.

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