Is it normal/to be expected when a guy/girl you have had great dates with is still logging into a dating site?

Hey Everyone,

About two weeks ago I met a guy from an online dating site. Since then we have had 3 awesome dates, and I can definitely tell that he is interested. For one, he has asked me out for all of the dates (even goes as far as "sealing the deal" at the end of the current date to say he wants to see me again), and on our second date he initiated a really nice and respectful mini-makeout session as he dropped me off at my apartment.

I have not felt a connection/spark with someone like this in a very long time, and I'm excited to see where it will go, but recognize that 3 dates is not nearly enough time to even think of the "exclusive" conversation.

I logged into the dating site where we met last night to check a message someone left for me, and noticed that he was logged in, and it appears he had been logging in at least a few days a week. My question to the men is - if you took a girl out multiple times and liked her, would you still be inclined to hang out on the dating site? Do I have reason to think that he might just be looking for backups until we get to the point in our dating where we are exclusive?

Girls, have you ever been in this situation -- and if so how did it turn out?

Thanks !


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  • I have never been in this situation but I imagine that it's only been two weeks so it's not enough time to tell how it will end up. Perhaps he was checking his messages just like you were. Not only that but he is probably keeping his options open. It's only been two weeks.