Are dating sites addicting?

I have started to date again. I was seeing someone off and on for a few months. Each time we got close this man would continue to frequent dating sites on a regular basis; even after he asked me to be exclusive at one point. He hid his profile while we were seeing each other, (the one we were on together) but frequented other sites that I saw him on.

Should someone take down their profile or at least hide it if you are interested? It gives the appearance that you are still "looking"

What is your take on dating sites and keeping your profile up?


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  • I think that you either take the profiles down, or at least change them to make it clear that you're taken, and not looking for anything more than friends. If he did neither, then he's a jackass that you should kick to the curb. As for whether they're addicting, I have no idea. I am not one of those people with an addictive personality. I was on one of them, I found a few people. I eventually found the love of my life, I changed my profile so that anyone looking at it will know I'm taken, and that's that. Haven't gone back there, since.


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  • Nah, if you're with someone and you say you want exclusivity, that means your profile should be down. By being exclusive with someone, you should only want to be with that ONE person. The only reason why someone would try to hide it, or still frequent those sites, is because they are looking to cheat


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