Taken off guard..not sure what to think.. opinions?

I started talkin' to this girl 3 days ago. Everything was chill. She is a stoner. I'm a Stoner. We have some plans and what not. Not talking a lot but you know, casual text here and there. No pressure, everything was fine. Third day *today*, I ask her how she feels about guns, and what not, cause I'm one of those types of guys, who has 20 guns and sh*t. Although I didn't mention how many. Anyways, she said they scared her, I was just like, OK, well what are some things you like, since you probably don't want to go to the shooting range. Next thing I know all contact is cut, and all I get is "You scared me". Then I said "ok. Well I understand, It's no big deal, whatever." She said "k lol" . I told her "Bye" and she says "Bye. <3" .

The Heart thing really throws me f***ing off, next to the lol. I've seen her in person so this isn't like a long distance type thing. but what the f*** just happened? Like I'm texting a few girls already but, this one just threw me off so bad.. Lol that's the curve ball that hit me in the face when I wasn't looking.


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  • It's a heart just showing a little affection and showing you that she's not mad

    • haha, interesting. Shit I think I went cross eyed when I got hit with that

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  • She might just be saying "bye love"

    • Bye love? Man I don't even know what to think of that. Like I'm a fool that just got sucker punched. Like that is so attractive but at the same time, what the f***? XD

  • She still likes you I guess. Maybe scared her a little at first but she got over it. Second amendment forever!


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