Are the odds just completely against an average looking guy when it comes to online dating? for all sites?

Literally all of Online Dating sites? Also, even if a guy is targeting, interested in even average looking girls, girls in his range of physical attractiveness, the odds will still be against him, overall, in online dating, there is way more competition for guys than there is for girls.

It sucks because I'm not that social, not that outgoing, don't have many friends, so meeting new people is a difficult option, going out is a hard option since the people who do meet their future boyfriend/girlfriend most of them meet them through networking, through mutual friends, friends of friends, etc.
that makes me jealous, envious of women a lot, because women do not have to put themselves out there, do not need to be as nearly social and outgoing as men do in order to land a date, a relationship, it's not fair, do not have to go out, leave the house as much.
it's almost like as if, women have the option of meeting men both at their house by using online dating, and going out, but for men, their primary option is going out, leaving the house, because women are far more reluctant, wary about meeting guys from online than vice-versa, the other way around, don't really blame them, rapists, stalkers, which is dominantly committed by men has made too many women paranoid


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  • thats what it seems like


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  • Honestly stop crying. You're not social and not outgoing so your personality probably isn't the best. That means you probably don't say anything witty, funny or interesting that will pique someone's interest on a profile. You're already jealous and envious of women and that isn't a very sexy masculine trait. Plain and simple, odds are against YOU until you do some major work on yourself and stop crying.

  • My boyfriend and I met online.

    Discounting guys who were vastly outside of the categories I'd put for age and location and interests, my boyfriend seemed to have fairly equal luck online. I messaged guys who didn't message me back, and I consider myself to be average looking. So don't listen to these whiners who say that "girls have it sooooooo easy" just because our inboxes are full of spam from horny old guys and desperate dudes who copy & paste to every blond in three counties!

    I found that some people were crazy, some were socially awkward and some were very unattractive ... but most were busy young professionals who were tired of dating at the bar.

    Also, remember that "average girls" doesn't equate "really attractive girls without a lot of makeup on." A lot of guys ... especially those with little dating experience, seem to think that a girl who is very good looking, but not made up counts as "average." Look a little closer at the girls before you pass on them, the same as you want to do to you.

    • well one of the girls I was getting to know lately, she was a little bit chubby, fat, but she had a very pretty, cute face, I got her phone number but we never ended up meeting in person

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    • i just hate how girls change their mind like that when being attracted to a guy, I wish once they are interested, attracted to a guy, for that decision to stay made, as long as we get to have a relationship together, doesn't have to be permanent but more than 6 months at least

    • EVERYONE wishes that. That happens to EVERYONE. Guys change their minds too. Dating is a tough business.

  • Most people do look at the profile picture first. BUT, most girls will look for further, so make sure your profile is exciting as well. Be truthful and paint a picture for us girls to read and understand you better! Good luck!


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  • It goes against the mantra "looks don't matter" but sadly it's true. Unless you have a six pack abs, lean physique, and a face to match, you'll be just another guy lost in a sea of mediocrity. According to one market research, 10% of the men get 90% of the online attention from the women. The problem with online dating for men is personality is not conveyed across electronically, only your looks. When MEN and women browse profiles, the first thing they see are the looks. And women specifically want a handsome face over a good body, much to my dismay and wasted efforts. And if you read many womens' profiles, most of them state if you have no photo, don't expect a response. That's why average looking guys are better off meeting people offline, because your confidence, your personality, and your experiences are projected in face to face communications.

    My suggestion for you is to get used to meeting people. Slowly build your confidence and experience up so you are comfortable meeting new people. Even if you find somone online, sooner or later you're gonna want to meet her, and if you still aren't good at meeting people the first offline meet is not going to go well.

  • i hate how women have such extremely high standards!

  • pretty much


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