How to approach a stranger and get a date the first time meeting?

Hi there! :)

I'm seeking to make new friends and possibly somebody to date. I already know where to meet people and such. But, my problem is trying to get a date the first time I make small talk with another stranger.

I feel I can't keep a conversation long enough for them to decide they think I'm cool and ask me out to do something. Here is a opening line and opener I would typically use on somebody.


I see a person sitting on the bus with a fav band on it

Me: Oh nice t shirt, it's blah blah, if you don't mind me asking, where did you get it from?

Them: Thanks, I got it from blah blah ( sorry it doesn't actually go like that, but I think you get the idea)

Then the convo dies out within 3 min and I get no date.

So, what can do I do, say differently to achieve the goal of getting a date then?

Even, anything else you can think too would be helpful. Please give me some positive constructive criticism.


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  • After three minutes it's still too soon to get a date set up. After 10 minutes say something like "I heard a band similar to the one on your shirt is playing at this bar on Saturday, wanna check it out with me?"

    • You would really say the first time meeting somebody, would that not feel awkward for you to do?

    • I thought you wanted to ask them out right away. Obviously it would feel a little strange but the way I see it, it's a bus, you won't see him again, and if he talked to you for 10 min then he must at least sort of like you. The safer route is to shove your phone at his chest and say "let's trade contact info" or "let's network a little bit", or something like that.then text or call about a date.

  • If you approach him you ask him out, and the other way around.


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