Should I give him a chance?

There is this boy... that I used to like. It has been two years since I liked him (we never dated) and I have gone on a few dates with other guys since I liked him. I stopped liking him because he got expelled... and I met this other boy who I currently really like. The current boy knows I like him and he gives me LOTS of mixed signals. The older crush from a long time ago texted me the other day and asked me to hang out with him. He told me he kinda liked me back when we had science together (2 years earlier)and I told him I kinda liked him too but we never dated. Anyways, he said he likes me and kinda misses me and I told him I would hang out with him. The thing is, half the time I hate him and half the time I like him as a friend or more. My friends all want me to play him and then ditch him (which is what I originally thought too because he is trying to play me I think). In our first real conversation he asked if I was a virgin. I'm 16... that's a little wierd. But at the same time, I don't wanna just play him because I feel like that's rude no matter who it is. Should I give him a chance and not just play him? Or should I play him? I don't know if that is wrong or not because he is a total ass to every girl and I think someone needs to teach him a lesson. He's had his chance to learn the easy way and now I think its time he learns the hard way. But you tell me, should I give him a legit chance or not? Sorry if that made no sense.


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  • Well,you could hang out with him,but anyway,remember,don't get into it so much,he might play you,so,you need to be careful.And I know it's hard,but maybe at the same time,you could care about him,and let him feel that you do it with a heart.If he plays you,maybe he will feel regret.(don't put so much faith in it~)But deep inside you,you need to know,you are just pretend.

    All you need to do is to be with him,and see if he is playing you...And then,you can decide.But during this time,don't get involved too much.Ok?

    I hope everything will go well with you all the time.:)Best wishes!:D

    • I don't plan on getting involved. I just don't know if its mean to play him back or not or to give him an actual chance. I think I may give him a small chance but not get too involved. Besides, there is another boy I like even more but I know I have no chance with him. Your answer helped a lot though:) I have a plan:)

    • Oh,really?Thanks!:)I hope you will do it successfully~:)

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