Sophomore V Senior. . .HELP ME!

I'm a sophomore and I am totally crushing on a senior in my guitar class. I'm not sure if he's interested, if he likes me. . .all I know is I haven't felt this way in a long time! We text every other day or so and talk during class, but I think I'll start to let him text me more, and I'll just play hard to get?

He has gorgeous blue eyes & blond hair & he plays guitar like a GOD<3 WHAT DO I DO NOW?


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  • "haven't felt this way in a long time"

    awk its cute when 16 year olds talk like they're 40 years old and single.

    i'll give you a simple run down:

    1 - does he make an effort to talk/text/see you

    2 - does he text you first most of the time

    3 - will he try to make a conversation last as long as possible

    if the answer is yes to these, then bravo; there's a good chance he's interested.

    Now, two things I'd like to say;

    1 - what do you mean by "i'll start to LET him text me more"?

    2 - and never play "hard to get" its a totally f***ing pointless exercise, if you like him and he likes you then why the f*** drag out the awkward 'i don't know if he/she likes me' stage.

    • He texts me, then I'll text him one day, then he's text me, then I'll text him. But maybe I should just let him text me first over all? But Thanks :)

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    • thats the thing, you don't need to tell him. Just make it obvious, be flirty, compliment him etc.

    • Will do! Thanks ;*

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  • ask him to hang out! plan a little fun date -- let him know what's up haha


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  • Let me let you in on a little secret...guys are incredibly idiotic when it comes to figuring out whether or not girls like them. They just assume they don't unless or until she makes it obvious. And no, flirting with him and acting cute is not obvious. Telling him you like him is. So you should probably make your intentions clear...that you want to date him or are at least interested.