I am being harrased by a baby mama? advice

This woman continues to call my phone and hang up and text me over her child's father who I don't even speak to. This guy Lied and told me he was not with his baby mama and sorry to say that word but this is what this girl calls herself a baby mama. I don't care. I told her to stop texting me and she continues its as if she has to have the Last word. I do not understand this. I only had one conversation with this guy that is it and that is all. Can I press charges on her for harassing me? Sorry, but I am pissed .advice

This woman is caIIing me from different numbers...


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  • Yes you can actually. Go to your local police dept and file a no contact restraining order against her. That way not only can she not come near you, she can't contact you in anyform either. And if she violates it, she goes to jail.